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    The mantra of the pro-legalization effort has been ‘marijuana is safer than alcohol.’ And while there is definitely some truth to this, it doesn’t mean that it’s 100% safe (especially with kids). In other words, cannabis is only safer depending on how and why people use it.


    If someone abuses cannabis,

    it is not necessarily safer than alcohol.


    Furthermore, science is still learning a lot about cannabis and there is a lot of conflicting information out there. For example, some reports show that cannabis use is linked to abnormalities in the gray matter of adolescents (American Psychological Association 2014, The Brown University Child & Adolescent Psychopharmacology Update); and yet, The Journal of Neuroscience found that cannabis use does not seem to be related to differences in our gray matter.


    Additionally, the context must be taken into consideration. We’ve seen reports about cannabis being associated with higher dropout rates in school. But does that mean that cannabis directly causes the higher dropout rates? Probably not, as the studies cannot take into account the complexity of life. Make sense?

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  • "we change people through conversation not through censorship" - Jay Z


    The Mission :

    Protecting developing minds by advocating harm reduction and social responsibility through interactive workshops and media.

    Who We Are

    C.R.U. is a group of industry professionals dedicated to enlightening and educating people about the responsible use of legalized Marijuana.


    Created with the expert advice of childhood educators, psychiatrists, University professors and industry professionals, C.R.U. will create forums for open dialogue dedicated and designed to educate kids, youth and parents alike, on Marijuana abstinence and responsible use.

    All workshops will be designed specifically to speak to and engage with todays youth at a level that will resonate and entertain them while educating them on Marijuana.


    The purpose of these projects is to hopefully initiate an open dialogue about legalized Cannabis between parents and their children.


    Long gone are the days of Cheech and Chong being the face of the typical marijuana user. Today’s users are business professionals, politicians, teachers, yoga instructors, professional athletes and artists of every age, gender and race.


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    Become an advocate for harm reduction

    Promote social responsibility

    Protect youth

    Stimulate dialogue

    Define a new class of product

    To obtain industry legal, business, and community perspectives

    Enhance your own resources

    Discover material that can be used to promote your interest

    Gain valuable knowledge and insight



    Connection: You are connected to a larger group banded together to produce positive results for public health & wellness across the country.

    Conferences: Conferences can provide quality education and networking for public health professionals, our members attend at special rates. Our Members contribute to the content, help plan the Conference or attend to enhance their professional development.

    Public Policy / Advocacy: CRU offers contribution to the strong advocacy programs centered on assuring that public health voices are being heard.

    Monthly Meet-ups & Workshops: The coalition hosts meet-ups in your city. Through video and social media, the CRU keeps members in touch with each other and current issues through the association’s web site, facebook page and email updates of emerging issues relevant to public health. Our members remain informed about public health in our city and country in a simple and fair manner.


    Our Programs

    The Coalition for Responsible Use (CRU) has monthly meet-ups, harm reduction workshops and interactive events that include professionals who speak about protecting the youth and multiple programs that our members carry out. The Coalition is always on the look out for creative, professional individuals, teams or companies interested in public health & wellness. Become a member and get an official CRU badge and harm reduction guide and kit.

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